Miro Ozimy – homebuilder with AZUB Mini

2 04 2009

Recumbents has been my hobby for more than 10 years. I found and article about Radius recumbent in one old magazine and it was the first impact to think about recumbents. Since that time I have built couple of different bikes, trikes and trailers of different concepts. Couple of years ago I found the brand of AZUB BIKE. Their bikes are exactly what is my prefered type of recumbent, sou I used some of their parts to build up some of my next bikes but it was still not good enough. At the end I ordered AZUB Mini in black color and Avid disc brakes. In that time my youngest son was born so I also purchuased AZUB Jerry children trailer.

To increase the safety I built also front light with 12 V and I used a halogen light in combination with LED. The batteries are attached from the bottom of the rear rack. I ride pretty often in light terrain with my son so I have wide tyres on my Mini there. For fast ride on asphalt, I used Maxxis Hookworm, but later I bought the Schwalbe Marathon Racer which are in standard offer of AZUB. The guys in AZUB simply know why they use them. They are perfect. I have had the chance to test quite some different models of recumbent bikes, but AZUB Mini is a favorite one for me.





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