Azub Apus from Austria

27 04 2009

My name is Gerd Schieber and I come from Austria, the region of upper Austria. i just follow your appeal to send information and photos of azub-riders to you for your azubrecumbent’ blog and so here I am. I got to know about recumbent bikes just two years ago during my holidays in Croatia, where some dutch guys told me about these bikes. as i have always been a bike loving person, I got really interested in recumbents and I started to inform myself how to get a recumbent in Austria, which was a quite difficult mission! I just discovered three shops all over Austria where they know about recumbents, the nearest one in 65 km, in Salzburg. they were really nice and i could try an azub 5, the only recumbent they had. it was my first recumbent-ride in my life, after nearly a year of searching for this possibility. I fell in love with these bikes and I ordered an azub apus the same day. I got my apus in October 2008 and from that day on I can’t understand why so many people ride normal bikes, fighting voluntarly against the wind… for my two little boys, aged 3 an one and a half year, I had already organised a croozer-children-trailer and so we go for rides together very often. very often I rise attention when riding and I think I’m the only one in a hundred kilometres radius. I think that this bike is one of my best investments in quality of life!

and this is what i ride:

Azub Apus, main stream X.7

– sram X.7 derailleurs and shifting (really satisfied!)
– tektro V-brakes (they really do it!)
– novatec front and rear hub
– spinner grind suspension fork (not satisfied)
– Schwalbe Marathon racer tyres (best choice, I think)
– Ventisit seat pad (necessary indeed!)
– combo pedals
– cyclocomputer holder and frontlight holder (I really recommend both of them!!!), stand,





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