Beautiful white HardCore

22 05 2009
AZUB HardCore from Falk

AZUB HardCore from Falk


after a long time of one year I send you this letter where I describe my experience with the Azub so far.

After I got my frameset in January 2008, my Azub Max had been completed in April. On 12th of April 2008 I did my first ride. I had never driven a recumbent bike before that time. I started with rolling a bridge  down. Soon I tried do put the legs up on the pedals. After an half hour I was able to drive. It was already dark. I even drove through my little town very carefully. The next day I practiced more and I drove even 35km. It was really joy for the first time.

Though, during the time I got more experience with the driving. Starting was the thing that really had to be practiced. Also turning at low speed, on a road for example, has been more difficult.

The greatest things are the public reactions and the attention: Before I drove the bike the first time, I expected, that I would take a little more attention than with a conventionel bike. But I didn’t expect such a great attention! It was amazing! And it’s still amazing! Everywhere the people look at me and they wonder. The reactions are great and unbelievable! I can see the people smile at me, when they see how I drive. In my region there are many ways for bicycles and some lakes. It’s a partially touristic region. Espacially in spring and summer I see many other people at the bicycle path. They look and some smile, some other wonder. Many get suprised when they see me approaching. Children and young people are most fascinated by this different bike. Older people look sometimes strange. They don’t understand what they see. Often I hear nice comments during the ride when I pass a group of other people or families with their children. In general it’s strange for other people to see someone riding a bicycle with roughly 0,8m – 1m distance to the ground. Espacially when I overtake other cyclists. What do they think when they at first see some circling shoes getting next to them? It’s great! After overtaking I drive away like in an accelerating jetplane.

And when I stop at a public place where other peoples are, I get nice conversations often. They have questions. Most of them had never seen such a bike. Some have already seen a recumbent bike, but not such a high one. What everybody wants to see, is, how I start driving. Because they cannot imagine how to drive such a bike. Some ask wether I can go uphill. Some funny comments, sometimes made, are, wether I fall asleep on the bike.

Also, when I ride my Azub I see more from the landscape, I can watch the birds flying beside me. Riding around long curves is more fun then on conventionel bikes because of the seat position. It’s like sitting in a plane at low altitude. When the surface is not too soft riding on tracks through fields and forests is not a big problem. Riding over grasland is also possible. The best thing is that I don’t touch the grass, because the seat position is so high. And I did that all with tarmac-tyres (Schwalbe Marathon Supreme)!

Now I drive longer distances, because of the good feeling.




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