Trip to Sleeping Beauty´s Castle……in Poland

22 05 2009

The weather forecast looked promising for last Sunday so I decided to make an excursion to Moszna – a small town close to Opole, some 100 km from the place I live now. In addition to the standard “I just ride a few kilometers before Sunday dinner”, this time it was enriched with a test of my new solar charger equipment.

Old workers´ houses: before…

Old workers´ houses: before…

...and after renovation

...and after renovation

My target was visit the Moszna-Castle, which is as romantic as its famous „cousin” in Neuschwanstein/Bavaria. Look at the photos in Wikipedia

Living in the very heart of the Upper Silesian Area, I was crossing districts showing already the results of the recent „revitalisation”. This is not the dirty-smokey industrial area I met 30 years ago….

Once I am Hungarian, I had to stop by the only Hungarian Restaurant in this area – however it was too early for a visit inside :-). Have a look at the solar charger on the rear pannier.

Tibor´s AZUB 4 recumbent

Tibor´s AZUB 4 recumbent

Then I left the busy roads and towns and was riding my recumbent via such nice forests.


Finally, later than expected, I showed up at the Moszna Castle, where my wife was waiting already for me – she gave me a lift back home…

The delay was caused by some mistakes at calculationg the route. At the end the cyclocomputer showed 125 km daily trip distance…


Thanks to Tibor for his story from Poland




One response

10 06 2009

Hi Tibor,

what a wonderfull trip you are describing, what an envy!

we miss to be once again colleagues last month but let’s keep in contact in any case.


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