Annual Czech Recumbent Meeting

15 09 2009

There is a recumbent meeting in the Czech Republic every year in mid September. It is always nice to see all the friendly recumbent riders and AZUB owners. Year by year more and more participants appear and this year there were 115 recumbents and more than 130 participants. And still more and more of them are from abroad so we can already call it International Recumbent Meeting in Czech. Here you can see only very few pictures from two rides and video will come soon.

Every year the organizer is different and also the place is different. This year we were close to Dvur Kralove nad Labem. AZUB will celebrate 10 years in 2010 and we are already working on big recumbent meeting which should be a celebration of AZUB birthday. We expect to organise couple of rides incl. night ride, little recumbent orenteering, trike and snail race, couple of slide shows and video presentations, visit of local brewery, singing, vine tasting, visit of archeological place etc. etc. Simply four days full of joy, recumbents and recumbent rider´s talking:-)

We hope to meet you all here in Uhersky Brod and we hope you will come with your friends and families. Not only AZUB bents are welcomed but also all other brands, homebuilds, velomobiles, trikes etc. And if your partners do not have recumbent? Doesn´t matter, we have all started with uprights, so also they will be welcomed as usual.




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