Azub 5 heavy user from Finland

9 02 2010

I’m Timo Kissaniitty from Finland. We live in Helsinki with my wife, daughter and three cats. I’ve been riding a recumbent for a year and a half.The first bike was a HP Velotechnik Spirit, and now I have an Azub 5. I was looking for a recumbent for my wife and I found the Azub second hand. I tried it and soon decided that it was my thing. So my wife took the Spirit and now we’re both very happy! Now I ride about 10000 kilometres a year, more than ever…thanks to the bike. In the summer we go for a cycling trip for a week or two, usually around southern Finland or Estonia. It is essential to have a good bike in order to really enjoy the trip. Our daughter is five years old and pedals eagerly with her Hase Trets trailer bike. Often she takes a nap during the day, and wakes up when we arrive to the next pitstop (ice cream:)) So basically what I’m trying to say is that
recumbent bikes have changed our lives for the better. Long live european recumbents!

Regards, Timo Kissaniitty




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