New rear fork for Top line

28 05 2010

Back in 2006 we introduced new rear asymetrical fork for our recumbents which has been absolutely outstanding in recumbent bussines. It was developed with great czech bicycle (mostly MTB)  company which has long term experience in producing light weight and super stiff alu frames for mountain bikes as same as for road bikes. But we knew that some technical details were not perfect and especialy in case you wanted to combine Rohloff hub with stand and a trailer for example the left side of the fork was simply too overcroweded by all those brackets and adaptor.

So new developemnt has been done and we can introduce you our new fork. It has integrated stand bracket and also OEM Rohloff dropouts which makes the look with Rohloff hub very nice and clean. Also some changes around the rear fork axle has been done so all the fork is much better now. The slight disadvanteg is little higher weight, but we hope all the improvements are worth of the weight.

At the moment we have just pretty bad pictures, but we hope to have much better soon.




2 responses

28 05 2010

Hi Honza,
can you send me a picture with both, the old swing and the new one to be able to show the difference?
As allways: Am I allowed to publish the photos?;-)
Best wishes,

31 05 2010

Finaly nice solution of kick stand mount. I want one for my couch 🙂

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