New folding trikes from AZUB

10 01 2011

There are more and more questions about the comming folding trike. We do not have much info now, but I hope at least some information will be enough for now. We will inform you more as soon as we have some final answers to your questiones.

So: At the moment we are working on two new folding trikes. The one will be based on the AZUB ECO trike with folding hinge and will be part of our Mainstream line of bikes. That means that there will be a chance to choose from colors, from components, possibility of disc brakes, SON hub dynamo etc. Price should be under 2000 EUR.
The next one will be based on the concept of folding trike we introduced in April 2010 during the SPEZI show. See the video here: We changed the system of folding, we added some nice features so the folding is faster and easier. We do not think that it is important if you fold the trike in 8 seconds, 30 seconds or 1 minute. Even 5 minutes would be OK, because you will not fold the trike every day several times. More important is how easy you can fold it, and how look the properties of the complete trike with the folding mechanism. And that is what we focused on.
We tested the first prototype on a rough tour in Himalayas last year and it did really well. You can see it here:

We suppose to have everything done before SPEZI 2011 in April so we will start to sell both trikes around that time. Most probably even sooner. Also some other projects are on the way so we look forward to see you all on the SPEZI show in Germersheim, Germany this year.




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