New folding trikes from AZUB

10 01 2011

There are more and more questions about the comming folding trike. We do not have much info now, but I hope at least some information will be enough for now. We will inform you more as soon as we have some final answers to your questiones.

So: At the moment we are working on two new folding trikes. The one will be based on the AZUB ECO trike with folding hinge and will be part of our Mainstream line of bikes. That means that there will be a chance to choose from colors, from components, possibility of disc brakes, SON hub dynamo etc. Price should be under 2000 EUR.
The next one will be based on the concept of folding trike we introduced in April 2010 during the SPEZI show. See the video here: We changed the system of folding, we added some nice features so the folding is faster and easier. We do not think that it is important if you fold the trike in 8 seconds, 30 seconds or 1 minute. Even 5 minutes would be OK, because you will not fold the trike every day several times. More important is how easy you can fold it, and how look the properties of the complete trike with the folding mechanism. And that is what we focused on.
We tested the first prototype on a rough tour in Himalayas last year and it did really well. You can see it here:

We suppose to have everything done before SPEZI 2011 in April so we will start to sell both trikes around that time. Most probably even sooner. Also some other projects are on the way so we look forward to see you all on the SPEZI show in Germersheim, Germany this year.


Nice e-mail

9 12 2010

It is really nice to read e-mails like this one from Kristian:

Hi Honza,

I’ve recieved the trike sent by you and I am overly impressed not only
by the quality of the trike but also by the packaging and swift
delivery. It has been a pleasure making this purchase at AZUB bikes.

Thanks a lot

Thank you too, Kristian. Hope you will enjoy the trike for years!




Winter pictures of AZUB ECO trike

6 12 2010

Bernhard Regler is not only our customer but also our friend who came with friends to participate on the recumbent meeting which was in Uhersky Brod in September. He sent us few pictures of the ECO trike and the way how his family use it to go to grocery and other shopping. We can only say: “Cool and cold” ūüôā

Thank you Bernhard


AZUB ECO trike transported by cabrio car

18 10 2010

One last picture of this ECO trike picture series. This is from Roulcouche shop in France (near Paris) and is really great! You can find other nice pictures there on their web page.

AZUB ECO trike in Madrid, Spain

18 10 2010

Jason from our spanish dealer made couple of pictures of the AZUB ECO trike for his blog. They are pretty nice with special atmosphere. They are worth posting.

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AZUB ECO trike won the Best Czech product award

18 10 2010

As every year we participated on the Bike Brno Show which is the biggest and most important bicycle show in Czech Republic. It is also the biggest bicycle show in the Middle and Eastern Europe. Last three years exhibitors can compete in Bike Brno Prestige competition with products they exhibit during the show. International jury than announce winners in three categories: Best Czech product, Best design, Product harmony in design, quality and price and Open category.  The jury members were:

* Filip Nagy (Biker, SK)
* Karel Kuchler (53×11, CZ)
* Reinhard Hörmann (Radwelt, AT)
* Jan Kadeńćka (Cykloservis, CZ)
* Laszlo Szilasi (Velo, HU)
* Jo Beckendorff (Pooltown Communications, DE)

In the Best Czech product category the winning product is AZUB ECO trike. We are very proud that we got such prize, because very experienced people from bicycle bussines confirmed that we go the right direction and that the quality and design of our products are on high level.  Such level is required by our customers worldwide and we work hard to have even better products in the future.

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AZUB recumbent in the world highest road pass

11 10 2010

Khardung-La is pretty known pass just 40 kilemeters away from Leh, Ladakh, India. It is called as the highest motorable pass all over the world with height of 5350 meters above the sea level. Our marketing manager Honza Galla has travelled with his wife in Indian Himalayas fro three weeks with AZUB Mini and AZUB trike (both folding prototypes) and he managed to reach this pass with the AZUB Mini. It took him 9 hours and later only one and half hours to get back to Leh.

You can read more about their journeyas on AZUB recumbents on their web