Nice pictures. But who made them?

17 01 2011

We have found two great pictures somewhere on internet, but we do not know who is an author of them. If you can let us know, it would be great. Thanks for any info.


Traveling on recumbent in russian winter

9 12 2010

We got just one picture from Dmitry. But it says it all…

AZUB 5 with Trail Gator

11 10 2010

We got some nice pictures and video from France. One of our customers made a special adapter so he can use a tow bar called Trail Gator to tow his child. Another child is using standard baby seat sometimes.

From our point of view it is quite interesting solution, but we have not tested it, we have not designed it and so we do not know if we can recommend it. From our point of view much better and secure solution is the Follow-Me system.


Azub 5 heavy user from Finland

9 02 2010

I’m Timo Kissaniitty from Finland. We live in Helsinki with my wife, daughter and three cats. I’ve been riding a recumbent for a year and a half.The first bike was a HP Velotechnik Spirit, and now I have an Azub 5. I was looking for a recumbent for my wife and I found the Azub second hand. I tried it and soon decided that it was my thing. So my wife took the Spirit and now we’re both very happy! Now I ride about 10000 kilometres a year, more than ever…thanks to the bike. In the summer we go for a cycling trip for a week or two, usually around southern Finland or Estonia. It is essential to have a good bike in order to really enjoy the trip. Our daughter is five years old and pedals eagerly with her Hase Trets trailer bike. Often she takes a nap during the day, and wakes up when we arrive to the next pitstop (ice cream:)) So basically what I’m trying to say is that
recumbent bikes have changed our lives for the better. Long live european recumbents!

Regards, Timo Kissaniitty

Azub 5 after 17.000 km

16 09 2009

You could already read about Marija Kozin on our blog. In spring 2009 she came to our facility to show us her Azub 5 after 17.000 km. Almost everything was original. Chain, crankset, cassette, pedals, rear tyre Maraton XR (fron Maraton was changed twice). The pulley had to be changed because the bearings were worn out, also the chain tubes were changed, but we were surprised how much they survived.

All around, we are pretty satisfied with the bike and how it survived such journey.

You can see some pictures here.

Recumbent AZUB 5 with Bion-X

12 08 2009

Alexander from Arkhangelsk in Russia has sent us two pictures of his Azub 5 with a short comment. The interesting point is the electric asist added to the bike which changes it into the very nice electric recumbent. Do you know any other more comfortable way of riding a bike?!┬á ­čÖé

Here is Alexander┬┤s comment:

I ride Azub 5 recumbent bike. Moreover I installed Bionx electric assistance. I use it mainly for hill climbing. Additional weight is only about 8 kg. One battery charge is enough for 100-150 km trying to save energy and regenerate it at downhills. It is a very good combination for touring. Thank you for good bike!

recumbent Azub 5 with Bion-X and some snow around

recumbent Azub 5 with Bion-X and some snow around

Alexander with his nice red Azub 5

Alexander with his nice red Azub 5

Marija┬┤s Kozin expedition recumbent

26 03 2009

Here are some pictures of Marija┬┤s expedition AZUB 5. She traveled with this recumbent from Beijing to Slovenija alone and she covered around 17.000 km. The equipment of her bike was specialy chosen for such a long trip and surprisingly most of the parts has survived all the journey incl. chain, chain guides (tubes), pulley etc. Well, we recommend to change the chain guides after 7000 to 10.000 km, but as you can see they survive much longer. Not to speak about chain and casette…

– SRAM X.7 derailleurs
– Shimano XT V-brakes
– Shimano Alivio cranks
– DT Onyx hubs
– Remerx Dragon rims
– Schwalbe Marathon XR rear tyre
– Schwalbe Marathon plus front tyre
– Crankbrothers pedals
– Ventisit seat pad
– Ortlieb watrproof panniers