Camino de Santiago on AZUB MAX recumbent

9 12 2010

Stephane Girard is an owner of AZUB Max and he did a nice tour in Spain in summer 2010. His pictures are simply unbelivable. Some with recumbent are here, many others in his Flickr set.


AZUB gallery no. 1

22 03 2010

There are thousands of pictures saved in our computers and they describe the present and past of AZUB company. We think that it would be nice to show them to you. So let´s start with a short trip which we made with a goal to make some pictures of AZUB Mini and also AZUB Max. Some of these pictures has been used on catalogues and posters already.


9 02 2010

Achim has sent us couple of pictures of his beautiful AZUB MAX with Rohloff speed hub, windshield, and new electric system.


David starts his journey to Bosnia and Hercegovina

24 07 2009

David is 18 years old guy from Slovakia. He came to our company two days ago and he rent an AZUB Max from us. It was his first day on recumbent and he fell in love with it. Today he started a journey to Bosnia and Hercegovina to visit a meeting of young people there. He plan to go back too. His journey should be about 1600 km long. We will post some more pictures later when he will be back at home.

david 033_1