Nice pictures. But who made them?

17 01 2011

We have found two great pictures somewhere on internet, but we do not know who is an author of them. If you can let us know, it would be great. Thanks for any info.


Traveling on recumbent in russian winter

9 12 2010

We got just one picture from Dmitry. But it says it all…

Nice e-mail

9 12 2010

It is really nice to read e-mails like this one from Kristian:

Hi Honza,

I’ve recieved the trike sent by you and I am overly impressed not only
by the quality of the trike but also by the packaging and swift
delivery. It has been a pleasure making this purchase at AZUB bikes.

Thanks a lot

Thank you too, Kristian. Hope you will enjoy the trike for years!




Camino de Santiago on AZUB MAX recumbent

9 12 2010

Stephane Girard is an owner of AZUB Max and he did a nice tour in Spain in summer 2010. His pictures are simply unbelivable. Some with recumbent are here, many others in his Flickr set.

Ibex can climb anywhere

22 10 2010

We got a link to a nice article on MailOnline. Francois send it in e-mail with subejct: “Ibex can climb anywhere”. Look at that! It is true ­čÖé

The full article with more pictures and video is here.




AZUB ECO trike in Madrid, Spain

18 10 2010

Jason from our spanish dealer made couple of pictures of the AZUB ECO trike for his blog. They are pretty nice with special atmosphere. They are worth posting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Traveling with AZUB Ibex in eastern France

11 10 2010

We got a link to a nice photo gallery from Francois. You can see pictures from his journey through eastern France on his AZUB Ibex recumbent. Very nice!